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That's not what i meant

i use to be a reporter for my shool. we had many injuries like a guy broke his nail or a players shoe fell off. i once fell and the guy tripped over me i was in so much pain i mean my brand new nike t-shirt got so dirty that the crowed was screaming "oh my god thats horrible!" the other guy broke his wrist but it wasnt as bad as my accident. they had to drive me to a hospital. and at that point i dicided to be a journalist. so, i was interviewing a football coach about his star player "he's great on the field, but hows his report cards?" "he makes straight As" he said. "well that's good!" i answerd back. "yeah but his Bs are a little crooked" "no sir i meant whats his grades" "oh, Cs,Bs,As." not to bad" "what do you mean, his IQ is 36!" " yeah well mine is 40" " you big show off". so i got fired and now im just a reagular student, and the star player was actually the only one on the team besides the water boy.
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