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Chicken Puzzle

i was walking with my friends trying to figure out a tough question. why did the chicken cross the road? some say he saw a lamborghini on the other side others say he saw samy sosa and wanted to get his autograph. well i say chickens prefer to live than to get smooshed by cars but the real answer is they were going to cook him for dinner at kim's birthday party.ive been there once and i almost...nev..ver came back. they served rice cackes for desert. then she told something and i couldnt bare laughing of her voice that i almost chocked on the brocolii.so mr. bubbles of america gave me an F for my so called "lame yet interesting report" smarty pants got an A but only because he was going to spill chocolate milk on mr. bubbles if he didnt give him an A . hey i would too, my mom just washed these.
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