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Volume 12's Journal

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Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
6:57 pm - She Bangs, She Bangs!
Metroid Prime is not just an ordanary game. i know i have it. this is not a joke want proof? here

Happy now? No? Then how about this.

well now i reackon you want to buy this game cause if you dont youre missing out!!!if you dont now this, the charachter playing this roll is Samus who is a girl! its weird but shes the best! trust me. one more thing if you need any help on this game just post a comment.

current mood: high

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Thursday, November 13th, 2003
3:44 pm - golf
i went to play golf with my dad. it wasnt mini golf it was the real thing.so i made the first one with two hits it was two because i got distracted by the old lady who was running on the golf corse screaming "theyve come to take us!" and someone accidently nocked her out with a golf ball(i think it was perposly). so i come back to school and tell my friends i broke a record of 67. one of them say "wow! my record was only breacking 3 golf clubs, how did your dad pay for all of those?" i replied in a sarcastic way "with my lunch money" RRRrrriiinnnggg! well the bell is one of the worst sounds you hear when you dont have a hallpass

current mood: determined

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2:44 pm - Chicken Puzzle
i was walking with my friends trying to figure out a tough question. why did the chicken cross the road? some say he saw a lamborghini on the other side others say he saw samy sosa and wanted to get his autograph. well i say chickens prefer to live than to get smooshed by cars but the real answer is they were going to cook him for dinner at kim's birthday party.ive been there once and i almost...nev..ver came back. they served rice cackes for desert. then she told something and i couldnt bare laughing of her voice that i almost chocked on the brocolii.so mr. bubbles of america gave me an F for my so called "lame yet interesting report" smarty pants got an A but only because he was going to spill chocolate milk on mr. bubbles if he didnt give him an A . hey i would too, my mom just washed these.

current mood: blank

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1:40 pm - That's not what i meant
i use to be a reporter for my shool. we had many injuries like a guy broke his nail or a players shoe fell off. i once fell and the guy tripped over me i was in so much pain i mean my brand new nike t-shirt got so dirty that the crowed was screaming "oh my god thats horrible!" the other guy broke his wrist but it wasnt as bad as my accident. they had to drive me to a hospital. and at that point i dicided to be a journalist. so, i was interviewing a football coach about his star player "he's great on the field, but hows his report cards?" "he makes straight As" he said. "well that's good!" i answerd back. "yeah but his Bs are a little crooked" "no sir i meant whats his grades" "oh, Cs,Bs,As." not to bad" "what do you mean, his IQ is 36!" " yeah well mine is 40" " you big show off". so i got fired and now im just a reagular student, and the star player was actually the only one on the team besides the water boy.

current mood: confused

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Monday, April 21st, 2003
1:55 pm - Can i get some sleep?
now you all know that it is vacation. but not for me. i go to bed at 11:45 and today i had to wake up at 8:00. then my dad says time for school. i'm not that stupid. i know is vacation not shool. got that. but i bet my dad will try the same. like i'm gonna laugh. yeah right. my dog is the real trouble. if you know how it feels to have a wet nose on your face well then you are all set.

current mood: i need a pillow

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Saturday, April 19th, 2003
11:33 pm - My dog
i have a Bernese Mountain dog she is very cute. her name is Choo-Choo. she is funny too. we are thinking of entering her on AFV. we hope she wins. Oh,one more thing. i also think shell make the world record for the most sleeping hours.

current mood: sympathetic

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5:09 pm - My guinepig well hampster but close enough
i have a pet guinepig called Sofy. She might be similar to this hampster except she's fatter and her color is light brown. Though it's not my falt she's a little pig. Ounce she almost bit my finger off! But let's not talk about it ok?also soory about this picture if anyone knows any picture i can use please tell me

current mood: crazy

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Tuesday, November 26th, 2002
9:01 pm - My favorite dinosaur

One of the largest meateaters ever, 40-foot-long Spinosaurus had spines up to 6.5 feet long coming out of its back bone. What was that "sail" for? The extra skin surface may have helped cold blooded Spinosaurus get more heat from the sun when it was cold, and cool done it's huge body when it was hot.
No one is sure why dinosaurus, such as Spinosaurus had "sails" along their backs. Spinosaurus sail was a flap of skin held up by rods of bone which stuck up from its spine. Maybe it used its sail to attract females or threaten other males. Or perhaps the sail acted as heating and cooling system. To warm up, the dinosaur turned the flat of its sail toward the sun.
I think Spinosaurus used its sail to swim in deep water.

current mood: creative

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Tuesday, October 15th, 2002
7:22 pm - Againts terrorism
Do you know that there is a war in Israel? Almost every day the terrorists they carry bombs under their clothes. The police try to catch the people that carry the bombs before they explode. But the terrorists protend to be regular people and hide the bombs.
This happend in Jerusalem (Israel) last year. The kids were going to a disco near a town Aquarium. So one crazy terrorist had a bomb under his clothes. He went near a crowd of kids and exploded him self. With him exploded many kids.
One girl named Allen she was 15 she dreamend to be a top model. On the explodion one of her girl friends died. But Allen survived exept she lost a half of her skull. She was in the hospital for a year. But now she's at home but she only knows 30 words. She is paralized and only knows her mom and her dad.
She survived but how is she's going to live now?

current mood: nervous

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Monday, October 14th, 2002
6:07 pm - Happy and Unhappy
I'm always happy on weekends because i can sleep alot and my dog doesn't have to jump on me to wake me up. But what's funny is i hate to get up in the mourning and i hate to go to sleep at night. But my dad goes to sleep early at night and gets up early in the mourning. As a reasult he likes to fall asleep on an intresting movie. My dog gets up the same time as he does. Sometimes they make me wounder. And my mother gets up late and goes to sleep at 4:00 a.m. That's because she works hard on the internet.
But today i should have went to work with my dad and i slept insted. So now i feel sorry.

current mood: sad

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11:56 am - Rose Red
Yesturday i was watching Rose Red i didn't get to see the end because the bigining was kind of dumb that movie was 5 hours long. My mother wanted to see it at mourning insted but i don't blame her i mean it is....kind....of scary. Anyway i do know that Steven King wrote it.

current mood: scared

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Sunday, October 13th, 2002
6:39 pm
One of my friends hits really hard and when it hurts his like "i didn't even touch you".

current mood: annoyed

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6:26 pm
At school we play football. My team is called THE PATRIOTS. So anyway we were playing againts THE PACKERS at the middle of the game our captin made a safety and his lame excuse was "i wanted to get a safety so we can get an intersaption" Is it lame or what?

current mood: irritated

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5:06 pm - Things that i hate!!!
Proubably what i hate is onions and vacum.I just hate it!!!About onions is, my mother knows i hate them so she cuts them into little tiny bits she thinks that i can't see them. So what i do is i take a microscope with me and i use it right befor i eat my food so i can check for the onions. And i also haaaaate to vacum. I mean it takes me about 3 hours just to take the hose out. Is it redeculas or what?

current mood: sick

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4:40 pm - yu-gi-oh
i think that the best cards in yu-gi-oh are magic cards or trap cards i mean almost every magic card or trap card can beat any monsters there is exept exodia. Plus there is this card that my friend has its called toon world no card can stop it not even a De-spell even know toon world is a magic card.

current mood: surprised

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9:38 am - the cards I need
My second favorite TV show is G Gundam. My favorite Gundam is the Bolt Gundam. I like him because he is the neo Russian gundam. And I was born in Russia too.
My favorite event is snowmobiling. So soon I'll go to Mane to snomobile and ice fish.
I have a ski-doo.
I also like battling with Yu-gi-oh. I have a powerful deck. But I need a card that is called Polymerization for my Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon. So I can beat one of my friends. And I also need a Blue Eyes Toon Dragon.I need them because on the internet they cost about 78$ each. Well, I hope to see you on my LJ.

current mood: cheerful

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1:05 am - Hi there
Now I have my own LJ. I hope that I'll make a lot of friends. Anyway, hi everybody, I'm glad to see you on my LJ!

current mood: anxious

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