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Againts terrorism

Do you know that there is a war in Israel? Almost every day the terrorists they carry bombs under their clothes. The police try to catch the people that carry the bombs before they explode. But the terrorists protend to be regular people and hide the bombs.
This happend in Jerusalem (Israel) last year. The kids were going to a disco near a town Aquarium. So one crazy terrorist had a bomb under his clothes. He went near a crowd of kids and exploded him self. With him exploded many kids.
One girl named Allen she was 15 she dreamend to be a top model. On the explodion one of her girl friends died. But Allen survived exept she lost a half of her skull. She was in the hospital for a year. But now she's at home but she only knows 30 words. She is paralized and only knows her mom and her dad.
She survived but how is she's going to live now?
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